NBA Greatest Clashes? Jordan vs Kobe vs Lebron

NBA Greatest Clashes from all Eras

NBA greatest clashes would be between the different NBA eras. There are players that we wish in their primes could play against each other. A very common comparison is always wondering who is better, Kobe or Jordan? Lebron or Jordan? Kobe or Lebron? That list goes on and on. What about taking some of the very best players from each era and see who wins in that clash?

The game has evolved throughout the years and has been known to the fans as a game that was more physical to every little touch being called a foul now. What rules would they have to play for it to be fair? Can Jordan dominate like he did in the new era? Can Lebron be physical in the Jordan era taking it to the rack?

Which NBA team would win 5v5?

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Red Team

In the Red Team we have Magic Johnson at point, Michael Jordan at shooting guard, Larry Bird at small forward, Karl Malone at power forward, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar at Center. This is a legendary team filled with Hall of Famers that played in the more physical era.

Jordan is considered the best player of all time. Magic was a true point guard that got his teammates involved and made everyone better. Bird was a leader that was clutch. You can’t mention the Celtics without mentioning Larry Bird. Karl Mailman Malone was a scorer, he is 2nd all time scorer behind Kareem Abdul Jabbar who was unstoppable with his sky hook shots.

Yellow Team

In the Yellow Team we have Iverson at the point Guard, Kobe Bryant at shooting guard, Tracy Mcgrady at small forward, Kevin Garnett at power forward, and Shaq at Center. Another Hall of fame filled team that played in an era where they played in both old and new. They played in the era where they were sill physical and a lot of trash talking mental games were going on, as well as the new era where everything is called a foul.

Allen Iverson was so great he didn’t need to “practice? practice? we talking about practice”.. Iverson took his team to the finals in 2001 against Kobe and Shaq’s Lakers where he ended up losing 4-1 but what a player. Kobe could do everything Jordan do its freaky and he also had a better 3 point shot. Tracy Mcgrady is a player that was so skilled, he could also have had an argument to be the best player of all time. Remember when he brought the Rockets back to win against the Spurs by scoring 13 points in 33 seconds. Kevin Garnett has so much heart and played with so much passion, you can tell on the court he does everything he can to win. Great defensive player with a knack in rebounding the ball. Shaq might be the most dominate center of all time.

Black Team

In the Black team we have Kyrie Irving at point, James Harden at shooting guard, Kevin Durant at small forward, Lebron James at power forward, and Demarcus Cousins at Center. These guys are fun to watch, the ball handling and athleticism.

Kyrie handles the rock with so much finesse and can score from anywhere on the court. James Harden went from being a 6th man to being a runner up in the 2017 NBA MVP voting and he might win the 2018 MVP voting. This guy can really score from anywhere. Kevin Durant was always a great offensive player, but now he learned to use his length and even defend too, scary. Just like Kobe, Lebron James is always in the talks of being one of the greatest players of all time. People always bring up Jordan, Kobe, and Lebron. Lets just be happy we get to see these great players come along in the different eras. Demarcus Cousins is the Shaq of this league now. A physical Center that can stretch the floor because he can shoot the 3 ball.


It is such a hard decision to decide which team would win in a 5v5 game. I guess we would need to establish what rules we would play in as well, the old days or the new days. I would say the Yellow team wins since they experienced both eras and they pretty much learned from the players that came before them and adapted it to their game. What do you guys think?



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