Best Heavyweight Matchup? Mike Tyson, Anthony Joshua or Deontay Wilder?

Boxing Heavyweight Clash

This is a clash between some of the best heavyweights ever to fight. Mike Tyson’s name is always mentioned anytime boxing and heavyweight is in the same conversation. There are two currently active heavyweights that are dominating and we would love to see them fight each other. Who is the best heavyweight between Mike Tyson, Anthony Joshua, and Deontay Wilder?

Who wins this Heavyweight Matchups?

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Mike Tyson

In Iron Mike Tyson’s prime from 1985 to 1990, do you think Anthony Joshua or Deontay wilder could last 6 rounds with him? Tyson had the speed, power, and technique to dominate any heavyweight ever. After turning pro he became world’s youngest champion at 20 years old and a final record of 50-6-0. He ended his first 19 fights all in a KO with 12 of them coming in the first round!

Mike Tyson was the first heavyweight to hold the WBA, WBC, and IBF titles all together at once. Fearing no one, he was truly the baddest man on the planet. Having ring walk entrance songs to Ambitions as a Ridah by 2Pac and Intro by DMX made him had some of the best entrance songs as well.

If Mike Tyson never went to jail in 1992 and kept his life in check outside of the ring, could he have been the best Heavyweight of all time? I know must people will say no chance, Muhammad Ali is the greatest, but I think Mike Tyson was talented enough to be the best of all time.

Anthony Joshua

Heavyweight division was not relevant for a long time. Arguably it was dead since the days of Mike Tyson and Holyfield days. Anthony Joshua made the Heavyweight division a relevant division as all the focus has been on the welterweight division the past couple of years. With that being said, could Anthony Joshua have had a chance at beating Mike Tyson in his prime? There is another name currently in the heavyweight division now that Joshua still needs to contend with first to see who is the best heavyweight of this era, he is Deontay Wilder.

Deontay Wilder

Deontay Wilder the BronzeBomber has a undefeated record of 40-0 with 39 of those being KOs. That is impressive. With that kind of resume why is Deontay Wilder not as popular as the other two names mentioned in this article? Maybe he needs a better promoter.

Currently it looks likes there is a crash course set for the 2 undefeated Heavyweight fighters between Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua to claim the top spot in this era of Heavyweights.

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